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Our Doctors

We do our best to maintain an excellent and comfortable office space here at Broadway Family Dentistry & Implants so that you are comfortable every time you visit. But we also know that more importantly than our office space, our team is the most important part of why you come to our office. 

Get to know the Doctor!

Dr. Mohamed Abdel Hakim 

Dr. Mohamed Abdel Hakim is the grateful product of 2 very loving parents as well as the patience and generosity of many teachers and mentors. Born and raised in NYC, Dr Hakim ultimately found his way to Cairo Egypt to earn his Dental degree.

Dr. Hakim always had a passion for teaching, learning and service to others and so after graduation he published a protocol which he used to teach and provide dental care and oral surgery in rural East Africa. Dr. Hakim completed his DDS training at the University of Colorado School of Dental Medicine where he graduated with awards from the faculty recognizing his talents in Public Health and Emergency care.

Dr. Hakim’s philosophy is deeply rooted in patient education and compassion and believes that it is his role to act as a resource and non judgmental ally in rehabilitating his patients as well as equipping them with the knowledge to not just make the best decisions for their health but to maintain it. Dr. Hakim’s practice focuses on minimally invasive approaches ranging from restorative to surgical to help restore a patient’s smile and health.

When he is not in the dental clinic, Dr. Hakim enjoys music, playing sports, playing video games and traveling.

Dr. Sara M. Qadi DDS

Dr. Sara M. Qadi received her Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from the University of Missouri – Kansas City School of Dentistry in 2017 and a Certificate in Periodontology from the University of Nebraska Medical Center in 2020.

In addition to being a key member of the team at Broadway Family Dentistry & Implants in Denver, CO, Dr. Qadi has worked as an associate periodontist in private practice and a Periodontics Clinical Instructor at the University of Nebraska Medical Center. Through her clinical experience, Dr. Qadi has developed a strong foundation in esthetic and reconstructive periodontics, working alongside prosthodontists to diagnose, treatment plan, and deliver full-mouth, implant-supported restorations to patients.

In her spare time she enjoys ultimate frisbee, exploring new hiking trails, and reading classic literature.

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