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Dental Implants

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What is a Dental Implant?

A dental implant is a technique used to replace missing teeth. We use artificial tooth roots that are implanted into the jaw bone and fuse to make the implant secured in the mouth.


Our team is committed to keeping your teeth healthy and implants are a great option for replacing missing teeth. Call us today with any questions!

What is it like to get a dental implant?

There are multiple steps to getting an implant. The purpose of having these steps is to ensure that the implant is secure and will last a lifetime. First you will have a consultation to find out what type of implants are right for you. Second, we will do a procedure to place the dental implant. Third you will need to recover. This recovery time is critical to ensuring the implant is secure. Fourth and final happens once your mouth is completely healed. At this time, our team will replace the missing tooth with a false tooth that is designed to function just like one of your natural teeth. 

Reasons to get a dental implant

  • Stable tooth restoration

  • You’ll be able to eat normal foods even when you have an implant

  • Stops gum recession

  • Prevents bone loss

  • Replaces the root structure and tooth

  • Helps teeth from becoming misaligned

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