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Protect against cavities by using


Fluoride is a natural strengthening mineral in your bones and teeth. It is a naturally occuring mineral but sometimes people don’t have enough of it which then affects their dental health. Schedule an appointment to find out if your teeth are protected with enough fluoride. 

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Need more fluoride?

Some easy ways to make sure you are getting enough fluoride is to drink water that contains fluoride and brush your teeth regularly. Most toothpastes have fluoride in them and by brushing your teeth everyday you can ensure your teeth get fluoride protection.

If your teeth could benefit from even more fluoride we recommend you try a fluoride mouthwash, or we can even recommend a supplement. 

Give your teeth extra strength!

Benefits of fluoride:

  • Dental Crowns are usually applied over a two appointments
  • The first appointment is used to repair the natural tooth by removing decay ore filling the cavity. 
  • We will also take an impress on your tooth so a crown can be created to fit over your tooth perfectly. 
  • The second appointment is where we will place the crown over the tooth and cement it into place.

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